York Day Nursery is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate in our hiring practices on the basis of race, sex, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disability. Employment or volunteer service in a licensed child care agency is conditioned on a background check. Upon employment you will be required to show proof of identity and citizenship. Applicants must be currently authorized to accept employment in the United States.

Disclaimer: This online application is NOT secure. Information inserted into this online application form will NOT be encrypted when sent. The possibility exists that someone may intercept it other than York Day Nursery. Sending this information is at your own risk. If you are not comfortable with these risks, please do not use this form. Instead, you may call us or stop by to apply.

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York Day Nursery, Inc.
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Telephone: 717-854-1300
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Executive Director: Brian Grimm


YDN is committed to providing a high quality safe, secure, and nurturing environment that is vital for the healthy development of every young child. The needs and interests of each child are the basis for classroom learning experiences, whether a child is six weeks old or four years of age.

YDN strongly believes that each child is unique and possesses unlimited potential. Thus we strive to create wonderful learning environments that encourage children “to be all they can be.” Through play in multi-cultural classrooms with well-trained educators, children explore their world at their own pace, discover how to cooperate and problem solve, try out new ideas, develop language, math and motor skills, build confidence to attempt new and different activities. This stimulating environment is designed to develop the total child—emotionally, socially, physically, and intellectually.

YDN is also committed to building a strong family and center partnership in order to provide the highest quality of care and early education for all our young children. Families are encouraged to become involved at the YDN on many different levels.